About the Fund


In July 2010, new regulations cited as the (President’s Fund for Creative Writing) Regulations 2010 were made under Section 24 of the Finance and Audit Act, to provide for the scope of the President’s Fund for Creative Writing in English to be extended to other languages written and spoken in Mauritius. The PFCW operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Arts and Cultural Heritage.


The objects of the Fund as provided for in the new Regulations, are to finance

(i) schemes to encourage and assist deserving Mauritian writers wishing to have their creative writings published
(ii) the promotion of creative writing in all languages written and spoken in Mauritius;
(iii) the organisation of

(a) workshops at national level for Mauritian writers, with local and international expertise and support;
(b) workshops and forums in creative writing, in collaboration with the Mauritius Institute of Education and other Governmental organisations, for writers,
     trainee teachers and students of primary, secondary and tertiary sectors;
(c) essay competitions; Short Story Writing Competitions; and Other literary activities;

(iv) the setting up of a network among educational institutions in Mauritius in order to promote creative writing in all genres;
(v) the compilation and publication of regular anthologies and a directory of Mauritian writers;
(vi) the preparation and publication of an annual literary magazine; and
(vii) such other schemes incidental to or conducive to the attainment of any of the above objects.

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