Sn Activities
1 “Platform of Discussion” - Audiovisual programme of local authors, in English Language, in collaboration with MBC and the Open University of Mauritius​


Competition in Playwright Creative Writing in each language for a full length play.

3 Organisation of 3-​day Workshop on “Creative Writing” with all Speaking Unions and Writers.


In the context of the Birth Anniversary of the Father of the Nation, to organize an Essay Competition in English language on the theme “How SSR has influenced the lives of Mauritians”. Thereafter, the selected to be translated in different languages.

5 Short Story Telling Competition in all the different languages for standard V  students, in primary schools.


Aggressive Campaign on Creative Writing under the aegis of the President of the Republic. (invitation to all writers / authors).

7 Public Lecture on the theme “Writing Plays”.


Public Lecture – Paying tribute to a famous Mauritian author.