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Short Story Writing Competition

Date: August 13, 2013


The Fund organized a Short Story Writing Competition in all languages written and spoken in Mauritius in the year 2011.

The following prizes were offered:

1st  Prize – Rs 15,000

2nd Prize – Rs 10,000.


Winners of the Competition

(1)   Arabic

1st Prize Winner - Mr Emritte Nazeer Hussein

2nd Prize Winner - Mr Fateemah Suhootoorah

(2)   Bhojpuri

1st Prize Winner - Mr Dhunraz Sembhoo

2nd Prize Winner - Ms Beedwantee Sembhoo   


(3)   English

1st Prize Winner - B.K.Pudaruth

2nd Prize Winner - Mr Balraj Kumar Sakurdeep


(4)   French

1st Prize Winner - Mrs Eliette Comarmond

2nd Prize Winner - Ms Paulette Tang Pong


(5)   Hindi

1st Prize Winner - Miss Bolah Natasha

2nd Prize Winner - Ms Nivedita K. Mudhoo


(6)   Marathi

1st Prize Winner - Mrs Jannack Elvinabye

2nd Prize Winner - Mrs Chitrabye Ittoo

(7)   Mauritian Kreol Language

Consolation Prize - Ms Ummeeta Ghunowa - Ramlall (Rs 5,000/-)


(8)   Tamil

1st Prize Winner - Mrs Sobana Sundari Ganeshan

(9)   Telugu

1st Prize Winner - Mr Poosraj Sooriah

2nd Prize Winner - Mr Narainsamy Chellan

(9)   Urdu

1st Prize Winner - Mr Meer-Hossen  

                          Rujabaully Mahetaab

2nd Prize Winner - Mr A. Cassam- Teem

The Fund is proceeding with the publication of a booklet containing all 1st prized short stories

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